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Marking Life Events

Baptisms and Blessings 

We offer baptisms for people who are joining our church who have not been baptised before. It involves making promises that the person would either join our church as an active member  or a promise that the child  will be bought up with regular church attendance.  Because we know this isn’t what everyone is looking for,  we also offer a blessing  for children or babies where  the promises are simply that the Child would be surrounded by love. There is no charge for either of these services that take place in a Sunday Morning Service. 


Weddings and (Re)Commitment Ceremonies 

We offer both opposite sex and same sex weddings.  The process is getting in touch with us  for an initial interview where we explain the process. There are then four sessions where we look at the practical skills of relationships and then we have a planning meeting before the big day. The cost is approximately £500 depending on arrangements.  

We also offer recommitment for couples who are looking for either an informal ceremony  without the legalities or seeking to recommit  their wedding vows. The process will depend on what is agreed at the initial interview as will the cost. 


Funerals and memorial services 

We also can help you remember those who are no longer with us.  We perform funerals both in the church and at local crematoriums and cemeteries. We work with families to make sure that the service is  specific to the person and the people mourning rather than offer a one-size-fits-all service.

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